New Plant-Based Treat: KIND FROZEN™ Pints

Since 2004, KIND has been on a mission to create a kinder and healthier world – one snack and one act at a time. Its iconic KIND® bars – made with real, recognizable inKind Pintsgredients – sparked the growth of an entirely new healthy snacking category. Their family of over 100 snacks all lead with a nutrient-dense first ingredient, such as nuts, whole grains, fruit, and are not made with genetically engineered ingredients, sugar alcohols or artificial sweeteners.

KIND Healthy Snacks (KIND) continues its expansion into the plant-based, frozen treat aisle with the announcement of its latest offering: KIND FROZEN™ Pints. In a category where 'plant-based' too often comes with compromised taste, and 'indulgent' comes with unhealthy ingredients, KIND FROZEN™ Pints create a new space so you can feel good about enjoying the frozen treat you deserve.

Just as it disrupted and elevated the bar category, KIND will seek to bring innovative alternatives to taste-focused aisles, furthering its intention to become the foremost global leader in healthy snacking. KIND FROZEN™ Pints are a plant-based, creamy frozen treat with 4-6g of protein per serving.

"At KIND, we're always striving to challenge conventional wisdom and eliminate false compromises," said Daniel Lubetzky, KIND Founder. "We tried to think differently about what we would want in a frozen treat. We discovered what was missing was an offering that tasted delicious, and delivered premium, plant-based ingredientsKind Pints that we can feel good about putting in our body."

The new KIND FROZEN™ Pints address the large $7 billion plant-based category, which is growing almost twice as fast as overall food sales (43% growth in the past two years). The increasing popularity of non-dairy frozen treats is part of the growing demand for vegan and plant-based food products of all kinds. The plant-based frozen dessert market is among the top three sub-categories contributing to this category growth, increasing at a compound annual growth rate of 14%.

Lubetzky added, "While we're best-known for nutrition bars most often consumed on-the go, we're continuing to prioritize innovation that cuts across categories and day-parts. As we look to close the taste gap in health-focused aisles and the health gap in taste-focused aisles, we will stay true to how we've always created new products – with an eye to elevate people's overall experience, while adhering to our KIND Promise."

KIND's new innovation builds on the success of its recent entrance into the frozen treat category with its KIND FROZEN™ Treat Bars. The frozen treat space is one of six new categories for KIND within the past 12 months. Consumers can also find KIND offerings in the following new aisles: refrigerated (KIND® Nut Butter Bar), cold cereal (KIND® Cereal), hot cereal (KIND® Oatmeal), frozen breakfast (KIND FROZEN™ Smoothie Bowl), and snack mix aisle (KIND® Snack Mix).

Available at retailers nationwide, KIND's Frozen Pints come in the following flavors: Dark Chocolate Almond Sea Salt, Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter, Cherry Cashew, Coffee Hazelnut, Caramel Almond Sea Salt, Strawberry, and Pistachio. For more information about KIND's products, please visit


EatingWell Announces Top 5 Summer Food Trends

EatingWell SaladMeredith Corporation's EatingWell, the ultimate source for people passionate about food and wellness, announced the list of 2021 Summer Food Trends, selected by its editors.

EatingWell’s editors, along with their team of registered dietitians and test kitchen cooks, used consumer data and editorial insights to predict five top seasonal trends that will resonate most with the EatingWell audience in the coming months from timely topics, such as happy hour at home, given the current global pandemic, to increasingly popular trends like pickling—a response to concern about food waste and a perfect addition to any summer barbeque.

“As many people get ready to reunite with loved ones over backyard barbecues and picnics in the park, our team at EatingWell delved into summer food trends to watch this season,” says Editor-in-Chief Jessie Price.

EatingWell’s list of the 2021 Summer Food Trends* is as follows:

  • Pickling: saw a 17% year-over-year increase in views of articles and recipes for pickled vegetables, and we expect interest to rise throughout the season.
  • Vegetable Salads: Views of recipes for broccoli salads surged 333% year over year, while cucumber salads saw a whopping 160% year-over-year jump in views.
  • Happy Hour at Home: saw a 73% year-over-year increase in views of cocktail recipes and articles.
  • Grilled Vegetables: From eggplant to corn to peppers, articles and recipes for grilling vegetables saw a 51% year-over-year increase in views.
  • Nondairy Ice Cream: In light of the 42% year-over-year increase in views of "nice cream" recipes, we predict that people will be swapping out the dairy for alternatives made with coconut milk or oat milk.

For more info, visit


Green Your Yard Sale

Green Yard Sale Heart

Garage sales and yard sales are a great (and green) way to relinquish items which we once held dear and for which we had great use, but no longer need. offers you these tips for hosting a green garage sale this summer:

Signs are important as they’ll inform those in your community about the date, time and location of your sale. Make your signs on repurposed paper, cardboard, or poster board—try a pizza box top, the side of an empty carton, or a brown paper bag.

  • Make sure you pack purchases in paper not plastic bags.
  • Be realistic and reasonable when setting prices—you’ll move more merchandise, find new homes for some of your most treasured items, and you’ll keep items out of the local landfill.
  • Remove batteries from old electronics. This will ensure that they are disposed of properly and not just discarded by the new owner.
  • Instead of the time-consuming task of tagging each item at your sale, create pay-one-price sections. If an item doesn’t sell at one price, you can move it to another area.
  • Consider involving the kids. Have them sell homemade lemonade or organic iced tea to thirsty browsers. (Serve in paper cups, not plastic or styrofoam).
  • Involve your neighbors! If you can get some of your neighbors to schedule a yard sale on the same day, your block can be a true destination for thrifty shoppers.


Reducing Sugars and Calories with SweetLeaf

Summer is officially here and we’re ready to enjoy the warmer, beautiful days we’ve all been waiting for.

We all want to look our best during the summer as we go on vacations, to the beach, dine at outdoor patios, and attend neighborhood cookouts. However, sometimes keeping an eye on one’s calorie intake is nearly impossible with lots of summer sides and appetizers and cold, frosty, high-calorie desserts and beverages.

One of the best ways to limit the number of calories each day is to reduce the amount of dietary sugar. That can be done without sacrificing the sweetness everyone loves by simply substituting sugar with SweetLeaf® Sweeteners.

If one is used to having a couple of cold, sugary sodas on a hot summer’s day, replacing those sodas with an ice-cold glass of still or sparkling water sweetened with SweetLeaf’s zero-calorie, zero sugar, delicious  Water Drops® can make a huge difference. There are 6 award winning satisfying flavors: Mixed Berry, Peach Mango, Lemon Lime, Raspberry Lemonade, Strawberry Kiwi, Tropical Punch. And they are all gluten free and a very convenient way to hydrate anytime.

Water Drops

One 12-ounce can of soda contains 39 grams of sugar, or 140 calories. That’s more than the American Heart Association suggests for an entire day’s worth of sugar, which they say should be no more than 36 grams, or 9 teaspoons, for men, 25 grams, or 6 teaspoons for women and for children 2-18 years. Children under 2 should have no sugar in their diet.

Reducing calories can extend far beyond just replacing sugar calories in beverages. SweetLeaf suggests that a great side for any cookout is their delicious Broccoli Slaw. At 53 calories per serving, that’s 64 calories less than its sugar-laden counterpart.

By just swapping two sugary sodas with SweetLeaf’s deliciouis Water Drops, one could save a whopping 280 calories. Multiply that daily reduction in calories by the three months of summer, and by September, one could eliminate 25,000 calories from their diet.

SweetLeaf makes it easy to maintain one’s current weight, but they also make losing weight without sacrificing flavor so easy, it’s a piece of cake. (SweetLeaf’s Apple Walnut Cake, of course.) To see how many calories one would need to stay at or reach to arrive at a desired weight, Legion Athletics shows how many calories should be consumed each day based on personal statistics. 
See all of SweetLeaf’s low- and zero-calorie recipes, or use their convenient online, interactive Conversion Calculator, or the printable Conversion Chart, which show the correct amount of SweetLeaf to use in favorite family recipes. 

Whether consumers are looking for SweetLeaf zero-calorie Water Drops®, Sweet Drops® in 2 oz and 50ml bottles, Monk FruitBetter Than Sugar®, or any other SweetLeaf Sweetener products, they can all be purchased from the company’s website where there’s a store finder, which lists retailers selling SweetLeaf. Additionally, SweetLeaf makes it easy to shop online from their website, SweetLeaf is also available in many healthfood stores, natural grocery stores, supermarkets, and various online retailers.

For more information about SweetLeaf, visit


World's First Coffee Bio-Composite Can Replace Single-Use Plastic

Continuing the success of the world's first coffee face mask, the new material from AirXcoffee is meaningful when the COVID-19 pandemic has worsened the pollution situation in the world. The public health crisis has led to a surge in pollution from disposable products like surgical masks, plastic cups, and hand sanitizer bottles.Air X Coffee

The Australian government banned plastic bag usage in 2011. Vancouver also became the first major city in Canada to ban plastic straws, in a move towards the city's new Zero Waste 2040 initiative, while the European Union approved a ban on certain single-use plastics that will go into effect in July 2021.

The new material, coffee bio - composite made from coffee ground is considered an ideal material to replace the traditional plastic. AirXcoffee has been successful in sourcing coffee grounds to turn into Coffee Bio-Composite, which can be used to replace tableware, polystyrene cup, flowerpot and everything that can be made of plastics. In addition, the new material has applied a three-star OK Bio-based certification of TUV AUSTRIA, which has bio-based content between 60% and 80%. Also, the material is marked food safe by TUV Rheinland.

In order to make the material, coffee grounds from local coffee shops in Vietnam are collected, dried, and mixed with recycled materials, starch, cellulose, wood, natural resins, waxes, and oils. The resulting coffee composite is bio-based, recyclable, light, with a smell of coffee and the look of dark wood.

"The new material is more competitive than the traditional plastic. With 10% cheaper in price than oil-based plastic, coffee bio-composite is expected to help Vietnamese plastic industry to have better competitiveness in the global market. It also helps Vietnam to reduce reliance on fossil-based materials," Thanh Le, the founder, explained theAir X Mug advantage of his new material. "Coffee ground is popular in Vietnam. Being the world's second-biggest coffee exporter, Vietnam is the best place for us to produce this world's first coffee bio-composite," he added.

"When we decided to design a new material back in 2020, we knew early that we wanted a solution that uses local materials, is easy to produce and inexpensive, with the added bonus of being biodegradable."

The researchers believe the coffee bio-composite is a good alternative to the synthetic plastics currently in use. "With billions of disposable plastics already polluting city sidewalks and potentially entering our rivers and oceans, we urgently need an eco-friendly option to avoid making a massive impact on our environment," says Prof. Phu Huynh, Dean of the Faculty of Material, Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology.

The material is complete in the university lab, and a shift to cost-effective scaling and production will be ready in June 2021.  "The revolution is not only expected to help limiting the single-use plastic, but also preventing coffee grounds from going to landfills and releasing methane gas, which has a greenhouse effect 28 times higher than carbon dioxide", he cited a scientific research.

Before the coffee bio-composite material was introduced, the company has succeeded selling thousands of AirX Coffee Masks, the reusable face masks made of coffee to over 50 countries around the world. For more information, visit:


The Junkluggers Invite You to Go Green This Summer

Junkluggers LogoThe Junkluggers, the industry leaders in eco-friendly junk removal, is on a mission to enhance lives, the community, and the environment and wants to make sure you have your greenest summer yet! The Junkluggers is on a national mission to keep reusable items out of landfills in order to maintain a sustainable environment and would love for you to join them.

In an effort to help you go green this summer The Junkluggers offers 8 easy tips:

  • Start a compost or a garden (or both!)
  • Switch to reusable bottles and straws
  • Recycle your old or unused electronics
  • Donate any of your furniture not in use
  • Shop locally and buy from farmers markets
  • Go camping and/or enjoy a green picnic
  • Make a DIY clothesline to sun dry clothes
  • Donate any summer clothes you don't wear

CEO and Founder, Josh Cohen, always wanted to find new ways to donate items and reuse products that would have otherwise been thrown in landfills. Since its humble beginnings in 2004, The Junkluggers has donated over one million dollars' worth of items on behalf of its customers – that means it has been able to keep over 50 million pounds out of landfills and benefited over 100,000 people. The Junkluggers was the first junk removal company to issue donation receipts to customers because it always donates first!  As The Junkluggers continues to grow, it continues to paint the world green! This year alone, the brand has generated over 80% more donation receipts than the same period last year.

"Making a difference within our communities and environment is the heart of what we do," said Cohen. "Make this summer a green one! Making small adjustments to your life can make a big impact on our environment."

Junkluggers Photos

Today, The Junkluggers continues to create relationships with local charity partners and recycling centers across the United States and strives to become a part of every community they service. The Junkluggers and you can be a part of the solution to preserve the world, one lug at a time, by finding the best and most eco-friendly use for unwanted items with the goal to keep junk out of landfills. Junkluggers prides itself on making decluttering as easy as possible and takes great satisfaction in removing your junk.

"Throughout the pandemic people have been going through their businesses and homes and identifying items they don't need or want anymore," said Kristy Ferguson, Chief Marketing Officer for The Junkluggers. "Especially as we head into the summer we want people to think about how they can utilize eco-friendly practices and help give their items a new life."
Service begins with a free, no-obligation estimate. After approval, the expert luggers carefully load items and organize the truck based on what can be donated or recycled. The Junkluggers does all of the heavy lifting and follows its Green Guarantees: on-time arrivals, donation receipts within 14 days, price assurance and 100 percent satisfaction.

For more information about The Junkluggers, please visit or contact 1-800-LUG-JUNK (1-800-584-5865).